How to manage Hotlinks

by GRAPHISOFT and Márta Trón · updated: 06.07.2011

Ignacio Azpiazu’s tip on managing hotlinks!

“(…) I am working on a project with lots of hotlinked modules (unit plans, panels, balconies, porches, etc.). (…) Yesterday I realised I can import (once in the project lifetime) every project module into a ‘library’ .PLN and, by keeping two copies of ARCHICAD open, quickly and easily (don’t even need to remember their name!) look for them in that file and copy-paste them into my project as needed. The modules remain modules and behave exactly as if I had imported them using Hotlink Manager.”

Indeed, a different, but practical method of handling hotlinks:

  1. Open two copies of ARCHICAD. In the first copy open the project you are currently working on.
  2. In the second copy of ARCHICAD create a new blank file, and name it i.e. ‘hotlink_library.pln’.
  3. Import all modules you might need into a ‘hotlink_library.pln’ file.
  4. Now whenever you want to place a hotlink module (i.e. a certain type of bathroom or a balcony) somewhere in your project file, simply select it in the ‘library’ file, copy, then paste it into the project file.
  5. You can check Hotlink Manager now (File/ External Content/ Hotlink Manager) – the hotlinks are now all listed as if they were imported through Hotlink Manager.
  6. Note that with copy-paste the hotlinks will all be placed in the same location as in the ‘library’ file – you will have to drag them to the desired location after placing.

Hint: – You don’t even have to remember the names of your modules (like ‘balcony_long_type_2’) if you use Ignacio’s method.

Note: it is recommended to have the “hotlink_library.pln” the same attributes and library as the target .pln.

To achieve this open the target file before placing the hotlinks and then press New button with the option: “Use Latest Project Settings”.

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