How to create Ornament with Shell in ARCHICAD

by GRAPHISOFT and Judit Boros · updated: 11.09.2011

In Javier’s article you have a great workflow for creating this ornament of the Balcony.

In this article I will provide you another solution with Shell tool.

  • go to Floorplan and create a fill


  • select Extruded Shell with Detailed Construction Method and click on the Space button to achieve the Magic Wand and click on the fill to create the Shell.


Note: in the Shell Selection Settings window make sure the Shell Thickness might be changed afterwards as the Shell geometry depends on this value

wrong: picture03.PNG picture04.PNG right: picture05.PNG picturesss.PNG

  • if you look at your Shell in 3D it might be confusing so as a help I used to place a Slab temporary under the Shell.
  • rotate the Shell with the Free Rotate option from the Pet Palette around the Y Axis.


  • select the Shell on the Floorplan (or even in 3D) and select the Set End Angle command from the Pet Palette.


  • with the Edit Extrusion Length command from the Pet Palette you can create the following Shell.


  • open 3D and go to View/ 3D View Mode/ 3D Projection Settings and set the Side, Top or Bottom View.


  • go to File/ Libraries and Objects/ Save 3D Model As an Object.


  • from Object tool you can place the Ornament Object and continue working.


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