How to create Isaac Peral’s Balcony

by GRAPHISOFT and JavierFarratellCastro · updated: 11.03.2011

This article was written by Javier Farratell Castro. The article will explain how to create this balcony. Let’s see first, what is Isaac Peral’s Balcony?


Isaac Peral’s a street in the country of Cadiz, Spain. We want to import this structure to a BIM project… very difficult? Impossible? No, it’s possible… with ARCHICAD and OBJECTIVE.

We do cornices and window frames with Complex Profiles and Wall Tools. ARCHICAD give us tools, but we must give imagination to our project.

  • Go to Design/Complex Profiles/Profile Manager and create the following profile while hitting the New button. Then, we do the balcony.


  • Let’s do a flying balcony with Structure Floor tool (Slab) .


  • With the same tool (or Beam or Wall), we make flat bars.


  • But how can we create the ornaments? It’s simply, first we solve a basic descriptive geometrical exercise: We calculate the spiral and design it with 2D tool. We create a Floor Structure on our drawing.


  • Select the Floor Structure and click on Save Selection as in the Floor Plan… in the menu: File/ Libraries and Objects, and save it as a gsm object. Use OBJECTIVE to turn the object and Split it twice like the image.

Note: also with the regular ARCHICAD tools you have a chance to create this forms. You can read more about this in the Ornament With Shell article.


  • Put them in our project like this…


  • Again, we use Floor Structure to do new flats bars for our balcony and pillars for vertical bars. Use multiply option to do it faster.

picture7.PNG picture8.PNG

  • The handrail will be a wall created by Complex Profile, our virtual balcony now looks like a real one.


  • Do you remember the ornaments? Now we will make the ornaments between the vertical bars by the same way. We make a floor structure and, with OBJECTIVE, turn it.


  • The balcony is finished, but there are two structures. Many years ago, they held up the esparto canopy here in Andalucia.

With the knowledge obtained, you must create those new structures.


  • Finally, you can see the result rendered in Artlantis.


Extension to the usage of OBJECTIVE tool

In Javier great Article from that point where he ever uses Objective tool I will just extend this Article with the steps I made.

At this point I would like to thank Ralph Wessel for all the help he gave me while creating this article.

Note: Make sure the Objective libraries (the whole Objective folder, using the Library Manager) and show the Objective tool in the Toolbar (using Work Environment settings).

  • create a fill
  • select it and go to Objective/Component/NewProfile and set the Profile the following way


  • after clicking OK, click twice to trace the bending axis of the shape (and set the texture direction for the profile)

picturex02.PNG picturex03.PNG

  • now you have a profiled object that can bent to curve – simply click on the hotspot as the profile centre and stretch to the required raduis

picturex4.PNG picturex5.PNG

  • see the result in 3D. This shape can be split, rotated or bent as required.


One more thing: If you open the Objective Settings Window under Elevation Profile tab you will find faceting field. Here you can edit any numbers. These numbers are in charge of the polygon numbers. As low as less Polygons the object contains.


Although this article was originally published in 2011, we decided to keep it since it describes a few useful tips on a common problem every ARCHICAD user comes across.

You can read more about using Objective tool in the following ARCHICAD-Talk entries: Search page and search for the words “OBJECTiVE image” with the author “Ralph Wessel”. Some examples include:

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