Wall Accessories Add-On

by GRAPHISOFT and Judit Boros · updated: 11.28.2011


There is an ArchiCAD Goodie called Accessories which has 3 different types: Wall, Slab and Roof Accessories.
This article is focused on the Wall Accessories that can be used for frame house building and for many other ideas like balustrades etc. It might be the question why to use this tool instead of Curtain Wall. It has different working method and interface.

In the following article you can read more about how to install and use this tool.

Install Wall Accessories Add-On

  • Run ArchiCAD and go to Help / ArchiCAD Downloads

  • Goodies > Download Accessories for your platform. Make sure you close ArchiCAD by now.

  • Install the Add-on and restart ArchiCAD

Open Wall Accessories Add-On

  • In the Library Manager click Add and search for: ArchiCAD 15 program/Application folder and load the subfolder called “Accessories Library 15”

  • Start Wall Accessories Add-On: Design menu/Design Extras/Accessories/Wall Accessories – whenever you have a selected wall on the Floorplan.

{i} In the Read Me file of Accessories Tool you can see the Accessory types and some basic ideas.

How to use Wall Accessories Add-On

For example choose Wall Framing 15 from the 4 different Wall Accessory types.
Note: I would suggest to turn off the “2D representation of the “Elevation Framing on Plan” option but it is up to you.


If you have any opening in the wall, the Accessory will create the frames this way.
Note: The frames will be placed on the outline of the wall but we already have request to be able to offset the Distance from the outline.


It is preferable to move the wall to a wireframe layer so you can see the Accessories frame better.


You can add horizontal Fire Stopand vertical Stud to the Frame in Wall Accessory Object Settings dialog.
With the Show Editable Hotspots option you can move the frame pieces.
You have the ability to add different type of connections as well.


This article was written based on an ArchiCADTalk conversation:


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