How to use custom images as default bitmap people

by GRAPHISOFT and Judit Boros · updated: 05.12.2011

In the Default ARCHICAD Library you can find many different bitmap pictures and an empty custom field. With a few easy steps you can create your own bitmap image.

  • Select a picture


Transparent background set up It is recommended that you change the background of the image to transparent; otherwise, when you render the 3D view, the white and the colored background will create a gray rectangle around the figure.

  • Save the image as .gif or as .png file.


Note: when saving the image as .gif or as .png file, make sure the transparent option is turned on.

  • Add this picture to the Library
  • Go to File/Libraries and Objects/ Library Manager and add your image to the Active Libraries. You can directly load the image as shown below, or you can add the image to your (loaded) Office Library or Project Library.


  • Search for the Bitmap People
  • Open the Object Default Settings Window and search for the People Bitmap 11 object.
  • Select the custom Picture and in the Custom Picture Name field write the name of your picture without file format extension.


  • Place the object
  • Select 3D window


Note: you will see a rectangle around the image, just like by any other bitmap people whem viewed in the OpenGL 3D window.

  • Render the 3D view


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