How to Simplify Floor Plan View of an Object

by GRAPHISOFT, Katalin Götz and Judit Boros · updated: 03.08.2012

This article explains how you can simplify the 2D Symbol Floor Plan View of a custom Window Object in few steps.

We have a custom Window placed in the project. The 2D Symbol (as it appears on the Floor Plan) of the custom GDL Objects is automatically generated, but it does not match our needs.


Step 1: Open Object

Select the Object and open its GDL Master Window: go to File/ Libraries and Objects/ Open Object.

Step 2: Open 2D Symbol Window

In the appearing GDL Master Window activate the Library Part’s 2D Symbol editor window with clicking on the icon.


Step 3: Modify Floor Plan View

In the 2D Symbol window you can specify the display option for the preview picture. Here you can edit an existing symbol or create a new one with the standard ARCHICAD selection and 2D tools: Arrow, Marquee, Text, Fill, Line, Arc/Circle, Spline and Hotspot (with Hotspot Tool you can specify the Object Hotspots visible on Floor Plan).
You can also paste elements from the 3D Window here.

picture02.PNG picture03.PNG

Step 4: Save Changes

If you are ready with editing the 2D Symbol of the Window, you only need to save the changes: File menu/Save or if you close the Master Window of a GDL Object (Library Part), all of the other windows of the Object will also be closed. You will be prompted to save changes, if any.


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