How to create balustrades using TrussMaker

by GRAPHISOFT and Márta Trón · updated: 04.28.2011

This article is based on an ARCHICAD-Talk forum post by Robert Olivieri

TrussMaker tool works for creating custom balustrades with tubular elements. Seems to work fine for multiple flights with landings, but only in linear sections.

How to proceed in ARCHICAD

  • Create Your Staircase

    Create any staircase with straight flights and intermediate landings. Don’t forget to turn off automatic rails in the Stair Default Settings window under Parameters Rail option = none.

  • Draw the Balustrade Create a section/elevation view of the stair showing its side view. Draw the wireframe (the centerlines of the bars) in this S/E window.

Use different colors for bars with different cross-section. In the example below, posts are yellow, balustrades are pink, bars are blue.

Select the lines of the rail.

Tip:Use the marquee tool or a dedicated layer and the Find&Select tool to separate the lines of the rails from other lines.


Choose Design/Design Extras/TrussMaker/Create Truss. In the TrussMaker dialog box you can define truss profiles for each line color.


Press save as and select the library to store the newly created . GSM object in.


A window appears informing you that the object has been placed on the floor plan.


The newly created object is placed on the floorplan. Drag the object to the exact location.

Open 3D window to see the Rail you just created.


Now you can delete the drafting lines in the S/E window. You no longer need them.

  • Modify Truss

You can modify the rail any time by selecting the object, and choosing the Design/Design Extras/TrussMaker/Edit Truss command. With this command the object will be exploded to simple lines. Ungroup the lines (Edit/Drouping/Suspend Groups or Alt+G) in case of needed. You can edit the lines and then save the object anew. Alternatively, select the Save as command to save this object as a separate library part.

Note: You can only edit the railing in the S/E window.


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