Easter Eggs in ARCHICAD

by GRAPHISOFT, Tamás Erős, Katalin Borszéki, Csaba Kézér, Dániel Alexander Kovács and Emőke Csikós · updated: 09.02.2017

Do you need to energize before a deadline? You do not even have to quit ARCHICAD to disconnect and have some fun. Here are some games, transformable objects and other stuff to discover.

Lean back and enjoy the easter eggs you didn’t even know about. Here is the entire collection.

Check out what easter eggs are on Wikipedia.


2048 (ARCHICAD 19+)

Who said revision can’t be fun? Well, it can with the new function of our Revision History 19 objects, and their new feature, the 2048 game. Just select one of the Revision History 19 objects (either Simple or Detailed), and set the number of rows to 4. This opens up the secret 2048 item in the menu. On the Revision History Settings tab you can find the controls for the game. You can enlarge the dialog box, to see the game table in the preview field more clearly.

Pong game (ARCHICAD 19+)

If you need a fun break in the design process, you can play the classic pong game right in ARCHICAD. To do that, you just have to hover over a Guide Line handle, click the keys P-O-N-G at the same time, and then place the cursor above a node, and wait for the blue circle to appear.
Use the cursor to move the Guide line handles, and don’t let the blue ball get out of the picture.

Pong game

Tracker Landing Game, ARCHICAD 10-13 and returns with ARCHICAD 19

Start by drawing a single straight wall while having the Tracker on demand. Then press ‘a’, type 12.345 and press ‘a’ again. Wait 5 seconds to let the game begin.
Use the arrows to control the falling tracker, and try to land it on the taskbar/dock as smooth as you can. Over 6000 points and you are good.

  • TrackerLanding.png

Lamb Cloud, ARCHICAD 18+

You can meet a nice, fluffy Lamb in ARCHICAD. How? You just have to select the Change Tool from the Toolbox, draw a rectangle, and subtract another rectangle from it to form the lamb’s body. When the body is ready, you can say hello to your new friend.

Optional ARCHICAD version Splash Screen in 30Years Anniversary Edition (ARCHICAD 18 only)

Would you like ARCHICAD to start up with an ARCHICAD 1 or ARCHICAD 10 splashcreen? Specify the version number and enjoy your co-worker’s reaction!

The text file that needs to be edited is located at

  • MAC /users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/ ARCHICAD30YearsAnniversaryEdition.txt
  • Windows c:\users\[username]\Graphisoft\ARCHICAD30YearsAnniversaryEdition.txt

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 13.58.36

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.11.49

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.06.01

Rubik’s cube

Set the following parameters for Cube 18 and watch the magic cube appear. If you place it, you can even play with it in the 3D view.

Screen Shot 2014-07-02 at 14.37.52

Update: Renovation Filter Options, ARCHICAD 16+

Do you need help with the Renovation Filters? Ask our colleagues. Just double click on the preview, while holding ctrl on Windows or cmd on Mac. Then you can return to work the same way: double clicking on the image while pressing ctrl on Windows or cmd on Mac.


Tic-tac-toe game

Play with a co-worker, even in Teamwork! You just need to re-size an ‘Armchair 01’ object over 2 meters. Place the object on the floor plan then you can place an X or a circle by double clicking in the chosen field.


Graffiti on a bathroom door

If you have many bathrooms in a commercial building sooner or later someone will scribble on it for sure. Have at least 3 bathrooms in the ‘Commercial Bath Stall’.


First Person Shooter view in 3D Explore mode

Do you want a cross-hair while you explore? In a Perspective view enter 3D Explore mode and press ‘f’+’p’+’s’ at the same time.


Various Teamwork message pop-up windows

Adding different numbers of spaces to the end of a Teamwork message results in different looking pop-up windows for your addressee. But do not disturb them too often.


Broken Window, ARCHICAD 18+

Designing a Haunted House? You can make it even more spooky by using broken windows. You just have to choose the “Window 18” library part, and then under the “Opening” tab or “Opening Type and Angle” in later versions, choose Fixed glass for sash type, and on the “Parameters for Listing” or “Descriptions” tab, set the U-value to “Brick Transfer” (case sensitive).

Brick Transfer

Monster truck

If you do not have enough space for parking around your building add a brand new level of parking lots. Choose the ‘Microcar’ object and under ‘Parameters for Listing’ add the value ‘Monster Truck Wheels’ to the parameter named ‘Accessories’.


Jolly Roger, new in ARCHICAD 15

Beware of the pirate boats. You can define the Flag Country in the settings dialog of all boat objects. Under Custom Settings there is a drop-down menu for the countries to choose from. Select Jolly Roger.


Could you find all of them? Then you can go and get your work done.

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