Customizing the Image on the Picture, TV Screen or Digital Board Objects

by GRAPHISOFT, CraigBoyer, Katalin Götz and Emőke Csikós · updated: 01.31.2017

When you want to create a rendering of a home or other interior, sometimes you want to have a certain picture hanged on the wall. Or you need a TV screen or a digital board in a classroom.

Picture, TV and Digital Board objects are built-in library parts in ARCHICAD. If you place them, they are shown with a default appearance. The picture shows an image, the TV and the Digital Board are turned off.

default picture

You can replace this image with another one you like. You can do this in a few easy steps. Let’s see how:


Step 1: Choose an image file and add it to the Embedded Library

lib manager

Step 2: Adjust the settings of the object to display the chosen image

After Step 1 the chosen image file is accessible for the settings of the objects.

Open the objects’ settings dialog and tick the “Use Custom Picture” checkbox then browse and select the previously loaded image file.

Here is where you find these settings in the dialog:

The Picture object:

picture settings

The TV object:

tv settings

The Digital Board object:

digital board

Depending on the size and proportions of the used image you may need to adjust the sizes of the object.

Step 3: check the result in 3D