ARCHICAD 19 Library Improvements

by Emőke Csikós · updated: 06.16.2015

In ARCHICAD 19 the following main developments took place:

Removal of view and project dependent globals and several requests from Parameter Script

From ARCHICAD 19 view and project dependent globals and several requests were removed from Parameter Scripts of Library Parts provided by GRAPHISOFT. They can still be used in Library Parts you develop but they will not be allowed in Parameter and Master Scripts any more in later versions of ARCHICAD. The main reason for this was that they cannot work properly in TeamWork because of possible conflict of access rights. For example: GLOB_SCALE (for switching between model size and paper size).

Let’s see three examples for what users can experience as consequences of this development:

Example #1:

Coordinate object shows coordinates in 2D / 3D but it cannot load the values to parameters, so you will see that

  • coordinates are not available on the user interface and
  • coordinates are not available for listing

coordinate object

Example #2:

Objects (e.g. North Symbol 19) will not keep their sizes correctly when switching between Scale independent (Paper Size) and Scale with Plan (Model Size) options. Sizes are calculated as if the current scale of the project was 1:100, so it gives a false result in sizes when the current scale is different.

Model Size in ARCHICAD 18:

north MS 18

Paper Size in ARCHICAD 18:

north PS 18

Model Size in ARCHICAD 19:

north MS 19

Paper Size in ARCHICAD 19:

north PS 19

Example #3:

Only paper size is supported in new library parts (e.g. labels)

only paper size in labels

Background multiprocessing compatibility of library parts

One of ARCHICAD 19’s main new developments is Predictive Background Multiprocessing. But some ARCHICAD elements are not yet ready to be processed in the background. These are:

  • Zones
  • Library Parts that use:
    • 1. Text command
    • 2. Any GDL add-on usage, except:
      • a. Polygon Operations add-on
      • b. Property Add-on
      • c. Text I/O, Data I/O, XML add-ons, if the file is in the loaded library, and opened for reading only
    • 4. Uses variable name macro
    • 5. Uses variable name request
    • 6. Calls a non-compatible macro
  • Some library parts of ARCHICAD 19 Library that could not yet be made background multiprocessing compatible: GEPlacemark.gsm, Standard grid marker.gsm, Parking Place 19.gsm, Coordinate Dimension 19.gsm, Fire Alarm 19.gsm, Text 3D 19.gsm, Clock 19.gsm.
  • For further information please see the GDL Reference Guide (Background Conversion Issues).

These elements will need to be processed in the foreground, resulting in some additional waiting time when the window is activated.

For more information on the GDL changes in ARCHICAD 19 please see this document: changes in ARCHICAD 19 v1.1.pdf

Changed method of labeling the selected elements

In ARCHICAD 18 Labeling the selected elements could be done by checking the ‘Label Element’ box in the Info Box of the elements selected. Whereas in ARCHICAD 19 this function was moved into the menu bar. You can find it under Document/ Documentation Extras/ Label Selected Elements. See pictures below.


Picture18ARCHICAD 19



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