Intersections in Layer Combinations Add-On

by Emőke Csikós · updated: 05.17.2017

In ARCHICAD 8 and subsequent versions, intersection cleanup is linked to the Intersection Group Numbers assigned to layers. Elements which belong to layers having the same Intersection Group Number will intersect, regardless of layer visibility. Elements which belong to layers having different Intersection Group Numbers will not intersect.


With the Intersections in Layer Combinations Add-On you can assure that visible building elements do not intersect with invisible building elements thus can avoid unclear junctions that result from not setting Layer Intersection Numbers properly.

This add-on is part of the Goodies Suite for ARCHICAD.

With this Add-On you can manage the Layer Intersection Numbers easily.

The Intersection Group Numbers of layers are stored with Layer Combinations, so the same layer can have different Intersection Group Numbers in different Layer Combinations.

After installing the add-on the new command Change Intersection Group Numbers is accessible from the Options menu.


By using the command Change Intersection Group Numbers you can assign Group Number “1” to all visible layers and a Group Number “2” to all invisible layers registered in Layer Combinations by using one command.

Before changing the Intersection Group Numbers of layers:

After changing the Intersection Group Numbers of layers:


  • Any Intersection Group Number you have already set up in this project will be overwritten by exetung this command.
  • Changing layers one by one may still result in visible elements without clean intersections. However you can re-execute the command any time later on.


Note: The effect of the command is not instantly visible in the Layer Settings dialog when you open it up for the first time. You have to change to a different combination then back to the original one to refresh the content of the dialog and see the changes.


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