Interior Wizard Add-On

by Emőke Csikós and Márta Trón · updated: 05.09.2017


The Interior Wizard command enhances the modeling of 3D Zones by applying Accessory Objects to selected walls, ceilings and floors and creating interior finish elements. You can edit the shape and the material parameters of these elements using standard ARCHICAD tools as well as parametric functionality. The Interior Wizard recognizes wall openings and is updated if its associated zone is updated or changed.

The Interior Wizard relies on the objects stored in the Accessories Library this means first you have to add the Accessories Library in the Library Manager:

After installing this Goodie a new set of commands will appear in the “Design/Design Extras/Interior Wizard” submenu by default.

HOW TO USE “Interior Wizard” ADD-ON

First select a 3D Zone on the Floor Plan. Choose Interior Wizard > Create Room Accessories from the Design > Design Extras menu. A dialog box prompts you to select among Accessory objects.

Press any of the three buttons (Ceiling Accessory, Wall Accessory, Floor Accessory) to bring up the Choose Accessory Object dialog box. Choose an object and make the appropriate settings. The principle is the same as for the Accessories commands.

When you have selected an object for one or more accessory type, the Interior Wizard dialog box changes to reflect your object selection.

Press OK to place the Accessory Object(s) on the surface of the 3D Zones.

If the given room’s Zone is changed or updated, use the Update Room Accessories command from the Interior Wizard menu to update the placed Accessory Objects.

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