Show Projection Settings

by GRAPHISOFT and PabloMontes · updated: 03.11.2011

The origin of this tip is a blog post by Pablo Montes on his great blog, Arquitecturama.MX:

There are three options can be set as Range of Element’s Projected Display definition (Show Projection) for a non-straight Wall. This article explains the differences between Show Projection settings.


To Floor Plan Range

If you choose this option, this element will be shown on the stories defined as the Relative Floor Plan Range (i.e. the number of stories on which to show this element in either direction) in Document > Floor Plan Cut Plane.


To Absolute Display Limit

The Absolute Display Limit option enables you to ensure that the Floor Plan will never display any part of the model that falls below the level you define here in absolute terms (independent of story levels).


Entire Element

Default Setting. The element will be displayed on all relevant stories.


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