How to Store “Find & Select” Criteria

by GRAPHISOFT and lnagy · updated: 04.23.2011

ARCHICAD’s Find & Select tool in ARCHICAD lets you select the exact elements you wish to manipulate or modify.

For general information on this feature, see Find and Select Elements by Criteria in ARCHICAD Help.

A less well-known feature of this Tool is the ability to store and recall search criteria. Consider the following example. From time to time while working on a Project, you need to Find & Select all Walls on a Story that are using a specific Fill type and are placed on a specific Layer.


You can either set the Element Type, the Layer and the Fill fields in the Find & Select dialog box each time you need to select these elements, or you can do the following:

  • Go to the Find & Select dialog box. Edit/Find and Select


  • Specify the frequently selection criteria (e.g. Fill, Layer, Material, ID) and set their values.
  • Another way to set up these criteria is to select an element in your project fulfills the required criteria, then click Copy Settings button in the dialog box. The criterion fields will now be filled in with the values of the selected element.


  • Click the right-pointing arrow in the upper right corner of the dialog box, and select Store as….
  • Now specify a name for the saved Find & Select criteria. Use a descriptive name, of maximum 31 characters.


  • Click Store to store the Find & Select criterion.

Note: These criteria are saved with the Project File. This means that they are saved as part of the file structure, rather than in an external preference file. For this reason, Find &Select criteria defined in a Project can be used only in that Project and cannot be saved into a file or transferred into another Project.

If you wish to later recall a saved criterion for use, do the following:

  • Go to the Find & Select dialog box and select your Criteria Set under Your Criteria Sets.


  • Click the Plus button as usual to Find & Select according to the criteria set.

When needed, use the Rename & Delete option from the list and perform these operations.

Saving and Loading Find & Select criteria sets is possible in any Model View, including the Floor Plan, Section/Elevation Views or the 3D Window.

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