How to Create a Simple Drawing Title with AutoText

by GRAPHISOFT and Judit Boros · updated: 08.22.2012

This article is to attract your attention how to create a custom Drawing Title.
In the ARCHICAD help there is a method to create a Drawing Title in the “Create a New Title Type” section but this article describes another, very simple method.


Step 1: Create New Object

Go to File/ Libraries and Objects/ New Object .

Click on the Select Subtype button to call the Subtype Hierarchy window and select Drawing Title.

This will load the main parameter’s of a default Drawing Title.

In the Parameter’s you can find Dimension1 and Dimension2. It is suggested to set this values to a desired size. Let’s see for example you wish to have this Drawing Title on A4 size sheet ( 210 x 297 mm) so you can add for example 150 and 30 as the size of the title.


Step 2: edit 2D Symbol

  • open 2D Symbol
  • set the scale to 1:1
  • as a help draw a rectangle with the given size, 150 x 30


Step 3: paste Autotext in to the Drawing Title

  • place a Text and select the AutoText option


  • select the desired Autotext you wish to see.


In this example I selected Drawing Name, Drawing Scale and Drawing’s Original Scale and edited some line as design in the tile.

Also you can see, I removed the rectangle drawn before as a guide to see the Drawing Title’s size better.


Step 4: save changes in your Drawing Title object

Step 5: place a Drawing on a layout and select your new Drawing Title

picture10.PNG picture6.PNG

With these few steps you can simply create an own Drawing Title without any GDL knowledge.

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