Better Control of Fills with Display Options

by GRAPHISOFT, Márta Trón and Katalin Götz · updated: 03.07.2011

Laszlo Nagy’s tip on display options` fill controls

” (…) I want to have some drafting fills show vectorial hatching, and not have my wall construction fills on.
When I go to Document/ Set Model View/ Model View Options and set “Override Drafting Fills”: “No Fill”, I get the seperator lines, but no drafting fills.”

This tip stems from the above described problem for which the solution was, that some fills were set incidentally to ‘Cut Fills’ instead of ‘Drafting Fills’.
Laszlo’s reply to this discussion contained a feature that can be very useful when saving or publishing a project into DWG/DXF:

“These Fill and Line Categories are also good when saving a Section-Elevation as DWG/DXF. You might have drawn 2D Fills and Lines over your model in Section/Elevation Window, and you would probably want these fills and lines to go to the same layers as the lines generated from the model will go in the resulting DWG/DXF file. E.g. if you draw a fill over a Wall/Slab intersection in S/E, the Fill should belong to the Cut Fill category because the fills generated from the section of the Wall and Slab will be in the Cut Fill category.”

Hint: Switching your default fill to be a ‘Cut fill’ can happen e.g. when Alt (Opt) + clicking on a fill in an unlinked Section/Elevation window. Using Favorites can help to avoid this “risk”.


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