ARCHICAD 21 Small Improvements

by Márta Trón · updated: 05.29.2017

This list contains a collection of changes that may be not reflected in all language versions of the ARCHICAD 21 Reference Guide. These include retired features, bug fixes, and smaller usability or interface changes which were made after the Reference Guide was completed.

Little New Features and Small Improvements

Control Sun Position by Date and Time

Set the Date and Time for Cameras and in the 3D Projection Settings directly, and save it to views.

Previously, setting the date and time in the Sun Settings would only update the Sun Altitude and Azimuth, without storing the corresponding date and time settings. Now, the Date and Time settings are stored and remembered. If you update Project Location, the sun will automatically update to show the correct sun position for that date and time.

  • Saved 3D views indicate the stored date and time or the custom sun position
  • Sun Settings dialog has been greatly simplified and renamed to Sunlight Settings


Reorganized IFC-Related Commands

IFC Translator Setup -> IFC Translators
IFC Manager -> IFC Project Manager
IFC Scheme Setup -> Property Mapping for IFC Export
(Translator Setting)
IFC Options -> IFC Local Preferences


New Pet Palette Command for Editing Curved Polyline/Edges

Use the Insert New Node to Arc command from the pet palette.


Use Renovation Status as Criterion in Graphic Override Rules

When you define Graphic Override Rules, you can now include the elements’ Renovation Status as a criterion.

Built-in Renovation rules remain unchanged, with a fixed set of criteria.

However, the new Reno Status criterion in Graphic Override Rules allows you to further distinguish overrides for certain subsets of Existing/New/To be Demolished elements.

For example, define a rule to override only existing walls, but not the existing windows they contain.


Improved Glass-to-Glass Corner Connection

If the opening type in all sashes on the left or right side of a window is set to Fixed Glass, you can now choose “Glass” as the Corner Connection Type on the Custom Corner tab page.

If this option is selected in both windows connected at a corner, there will be no frame between the adjacent glazings.


Other Renamed or Changed Options

  • Favorites Parameters are now stored in Element Transfer Settings
  • The (formerly Internal) Rendering Engine is now called Basic Rendering Engine
  • Due to expanded Curtain Wall editing possibilities, the Design > Modify Curtain Wall > Boundary Editing in Section command has been removed from the default Work Environment. (You can add this command to the menu by customizing your Work Environment.)The Work Environment Autosave option is now called Saving to Recovery File
  • The Fog control (formerly in the Sun dialog box) is now a PhotoRendering effect, available in PhotoRendering Settings for the Basic Rendering Engine
  • Edit Selected Composites/Profile: combined command, with an icon added (can be put into a customized Tool Bar)
  • Commands for choosing 3D Engine (Vectorial vs. OpenGL) now available from 3D Styles dialog only (Engine is saved with 3D Style)
  • Filter and Cut Elements in 3D: command now also available from View Settings
  • Improved wording of Work Environment customization dialogs and Tab Bar view menu items, for better consistency
  • Updated interface for Grids and Background dialog box
  • The former Identification and Property Label is now called Property Label.
    The ID display options for this Label (as well as for Zone Stamps) have been changed to:

    • Element ID (formerly Compact Element ID)
    • Hotlink ID (formerly Master ID)
    • Hotlink and Element ID (formerly Full Element ID)

You can find a list of small interface changes in the New features Guide also.


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