ARCHICAD 19 Undocumented Features and Small Improvements

by Andrea Polgár-Veres and Katica Avvakumovits · updated: 06.15.2015

This list contains a collection of changes that could be not reflected in the ARCHICAD 19 Reference Guide of all language versions. These include retired features, bug fixes, and smaller usability or interface changes which were made to the program after the Reference Guide was completed.

Little New Features and Small Improvements

New Option in Surface Painter

When using Surface Painter Palette, you enter Paint Mode as soon as you select a surface to use as paint. There are now two Paint Mode options, which you can control in the Paint Mode toggle of the Surface Painter palette. Choose an option depending on

  • if you want a one-time painting intervention (you will exit Paint Mode automatically after you paint), or
  • if you want to paint a whole series of elements (you must exit Paint Mode explicitly when you are done).

Default workflow: Use this for a one-time Paint intervention

  1. Set the default Paint Mode in Surface Painter palette
    1. Select a surface (you will enter Paint mode automatically)
    2. Click an element to paint it
    3. You automatically exit Paint Mode

Infinite workflow: Use this to keep painting surfaces as long as you want

  1. Set the ifinite option from the Paint  Mode pop-up in the Surface Painter palette
    1. Select a surface (you will enter Paint mode automatically)
    2. Click an element to paint it
    3. You remain in Paint mode (keep selecting surfaces and painting elements as log as you want) until you explicitly exit Paint mode

Customize Layout-Specific Data Parameters

In ARCHICAD 18, Layout Settings included the Tags and Categories panel. The layout-specific values for the parameters here (e.g. Status) – could be used in several ways, such as Autotexts placed on Layouts, or in the Revision History object. However, the list of parameters was fixed and uneditable.

In ARCHICAD 19, you can now add or customize any of these parameters, using the new “Layout Scheme”panel of Book Settings.

Improved Selection Feedback for Sub-Elements

Logical selection feedback in 3D indicates sub-element selection. (In previous versions, hotspots were shown on the entire 3D element, even if only one of its sub-element was actually selected.)

subelement subelement2
Sub-Element Selected (ARCHICAD 18) Sub-Element Selected (ARCHICAD 19)

Changes in Project Info Dialog Box

Renamed control, rearranged items:


 New Design for Quick Options Palette

In addition to the accessing a pop-up for each Quick Option (e.g. Pen Set), you can now access the relevant dialog box for each (e.g. Pens and Colors), by clicking on its icon at left:


Renamed 3D Engine

The 3D engine formerly called “Internal 3D Engine” is now the “Vectorial 3D Engine”.

Changed Parameter Transfer Between Zones

When using the Parameter Transfer function between Zones, the Name and ID parameters are not included in the transfer.

Performance Improvements for Mac

Any Views (e.g. trade/reference) using OpenGL will be faster with computers having Retina display and/or dedicated graphic cards compared to ARCHICAD 18.

On rotated Objects that rotation is offered with Snap Guides

Guide lines can be snaped relative to the rotated angles of Objects, Lamps, Columns, Stairs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 14.03.43

Lock Angle for Labels

The Lock Angle control affects the range of graphical editing. If it is ON, the Pointer Line’s starting angle remains fixed.

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 14.20.13 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 14.18.40 Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 14.20.28

New Checkbox Controls Show/Hide Status of Labels and Level Dimensions Attached to Hidden Element

For either Level Dimension or Label: by default, it is hidden if its associated element is hidden (e.g. on a hidden layer).

To display the dimension or Label regardless of whether its associated element is visible, uncheck the box in Level Dimension (Label) Settings.


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