ARCHICAD 17 Undocumented Features and Small Improvements

by GRAPHISOFT, Gábor Almási and Katica Avvakumovits · updated: 07.26.2013

This list contains a collection of changes that are not reflected in the ARCHICAD 17 Reference Guide. These include retired features, bug fixes, and smaller usability or interface changes which were made to the program after the Reference Guide was completed.

Little New Features and Small Improvements

New “Replace Attributes” Command for Faster Migration of Multiple Project Files

  • If you are migrating multiple similar project files to ARCHICAD 17, the Replace Attributes by File function can help you speed up the migration process: it automates the “Delete and Replace attributes” function, so you don’t have to issue repetitive “Delete and Replace” commands in each attribute settings dialog.

For a full description of this feature, see the article at AttributeMigration.

New Renovation Overrides for Annotation Elements

Two new Renovation Overrides are available to optimize the display of annotation elements (dimensions/texts/labels) in Renovation projects.

  • Do not Override Dimensions/Texts/Labels
  • Do not Override Drafting Fills/Lines

Use these checkboxes to exclude Annotation Elements – Dimensions, Texts and Labels, and/or Drafting Fills and Lines – from the filter settings. For example, this way you can make sure your labels and texts continue to be shown normally (as in the image on the right), even on a Demolition Plan:


Changed Interface for Flip Wall Reference Line

The command is available in the Wall Info Box, and in the Geometry and Positioning Panel of Wall Settings.


Store and Save Profiles

In Profile Editor (Options > Element Attributes > Profile Manager): After you edit a named Profile, you are required to confirm and store these changes: click the Store Profile button in the Profile Manager.


  • (Some language versions of ARCHICAD Help indicate that changes are stored automatically, without requiring user confirmation.)

Changes in Project Info Dialog Box

  • Autotext Full Address data no longer includes commas as delimiters (due to user request)
  • Click the header to sort the fields in Project Info: click once to sort by title; click again to sort by value

Longer Zone Names: No restriction on Character Count

The previous 32-character limit on Zone names was eliminated.

Continuous Floor Finishes Below Openings

Extended thresholds below openings ensure continuous floor finishes (see Before/After images below).


Angled and Straight Beam Are Correctly Mitered in 3D/Section


Associative Angular Dimension can be assigned to radial grid system

Now the Angle Dimensions can be placed to Radial Grid System.

The saving method of the BIMx file has been changed

In ARCHICAD 17 the users can save the BIMx files in the Save as dialogue. The uploading process has been changed, further information can be found here


The Zoom and the Pan functions are available on floor plan with 3D connexion device.


New Save Option in Publisher Set Properties

Use this option to save the entire Publisher Set to a single file. In earlier versions of ARCHICAD, you could create a single PDF out of the Publisher Set only by selecting a folder in the Publisher Set hierarchy and applying the „Merge to one PDF file” for the contents of that folder (and all of its sub-folders). This option is still available.


New Open & Repair function

The new Open & Repair function is available in the Open dialogue. This function can fix v17 damaged pln files in certain cases.


ARCHICAD Connection for Revit 2014 Add-in

The GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD Connection Add-In is available for Autodesk Revit softwares (including Revit Structure, Revit MEP and Revit Architecture). The GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD Connection Add-In has two functions:

  • “Improved IFC Import” imports IFC models to Revit using extra features that improve the interpretation of architectural models, and
  • “Export to ARCHICAD” exports Revit model elements in IFC files that are specially enhanced for use in GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD.
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