by GRAPHISOFT, Katalin Götz and Csaba Kézér · updated: 04.21.2016

alt textGRAPHISOFT used QuickTime, Apple’s multimedia environment in legacy ARCHICAD versions. See how different ARCHICAD versions used QuickTime’s technology’s in detail below:

ARCHICAD 18 and newer

ARCHICAD 18 & newer doesn’t install or use QuickTime.

ARCHICAD 15, 16, 17

In ARCHICAD 15, 16 and 17 QuickTime is used for:

  • processing QuickTime specific image files
  • creating Fly-Through and Sun Study movies

If QuickTime is not installed:

  • Working features:
    • processing OS supported image files: JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF
  • Not working features:
    • processing QuickTime specific image files
    • Fly-Through and Sun Study movies

ARCHICAD 14 and older

In ARCHICAD 14 and older versions QuickTime is used for:

  • processing all image files
  • creating Fly-Through and Sun Study movies
  • creating Virtual Reality Scenes and Panoramic Views

Without QuickTime being installed on the computer ARCHICAD 14 and older versions can’t be used. Since QuickTime is the core component for all image handling processes in the software, ARCHICAD cannot start up without it.

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