Activate Educational or Trial license

by Gábor Almási and Márta Trón · updated: 01.23.2017

Step 1: Register and Download

You can register and download ARCHICAD installation files from website.

Step 2: Start Installation Process

After downloading ARCHICAD installer, run installation file and install ARCHICAD. See step by step installation description here.

Step 3: Enter username and serial number

After a successful registration you will receive Username and Serial Number.

Without these, the ARCHICAD Educational or Trial license cannot be activated!

IMPORTANT Note for ARCHICAD 19 and older: Please note that on Windows operation systems Educational or Trial license activation works if you’ve got only 32 bit of Java installed on your machine. Click here to see how you can check it. (License activation in ARCHICAD 20 does not requires Java)

Start ARCHICAD and select the proper choice either you have trial or educational serial number.



Please be aware that you must enter the serial number exactly as it appears in your personal page on MyARCHICAD website.
We suggest that you use the Copy ( Ctrl-C) and Paste ( Ctrl-V) method to enter your serial number.



Once you entered the User ID and Serial Number click on Restart ARCHICAD.

Restart AC

/!\ For troubleshooting of the activation process please click here.

Step 4: License renewal

When your 30 days Educational license is about to expire, every time you launch the program, you will see a dialog box that prompts you to progress through the registration process.
Please follow these steps in order to convert your trial version to a free 1-year license or apply for another 1-year license. You should be redirected to a website where you can submit information which will be used in order to evaluate your student/teacher status. You may be contacted by one of our Graphisoft partners in order to verify your student/teacher status.

Please be sure to check all of your email folders, including your Spam/Bulk Folders.

See how it works in action.

Required Java version

You can check your current Java version(s) if you go to Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features.

javaIf you’ve got also 64 bit of Java – if (64 bit) is not listed then you’ve got Java 32 bit only – please uninstall it before you activate your educational or trial license.


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