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Rosetta is an emulated environment in Mac OS X that enables running applications compiled for PowerPC processors on newer Macs that use Intel processors.


ARCHICAD 13 and over are only available for Intel-based Macs.

ARCHICAD 10 to 12

ARCHICAD 10 to 12 had both PPC and Intel Mac compatible versions.

ARCHICAD 7.0 to 9

The Rosetta environment is discontinued in 10.7.

ARCHICAD 7.0 to 9 had only PPC versions and therefore can only run using the Rosetta environment on Intel Macs.

Mac OSX 10.7

The Rosetta environment is discontinued in Mac OSX 10.7. Read further details: MacOSXLion

Mac OSX 10.6

Rosetta is not included in the default Mac OSX 10.6 installation, but there is an option for installing it:

/!\ Security update 2012-001 conflicts with old ARCHICADs: SnowLeopard

Mac OSX 10.5

Rosetta was included in Mac OSX 10.5.


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