GRAPHISOFT Shell Extension

The GRAPHISOFT Shell Extension is a utility which modifies your Windows shell in order to display the preview and the summary of the contents of GRAPHISOFT related files.


GRAPHISOFT Bug Reporter is a program for reporting bugs, errors, crashes or other incorrect functionality of GRAPHISOFT products. It gathers information about your hardware configuration, system software and about GRAPHISOFT applications you have installed on your computer.

ARCHICAD Installation

Installation and startup troubleshooting guides ARCHICAD 22 ARCHICAD 21 ARCHICAD 20 ARCHICAD 19 ArchiCAD 16 ArchiCAD 15 ArchiCAD 14 ArchiCAD 13 ArchiCAD 12 Hotfix BIM Server installation and configuration Educational Version Advanced installation solutions Silent install methods How to create…


[no_toc] “Building information modeling (BIM) is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle.” ( Wikipedia about Building Information Modeling ) Virtual Building was the first implementation of BIM by GRAPHISOFT’s ArchiCAD…


updated 2013-09-30 What is GRAPHISOFT ID GRAPHISOFT ID (GS ID for short) is a unique identifier, based on users’ email addresses, to allow unified login to various web systems managed by GRAPHISOFT. Each user only needs one GS ID to login to multiple…


QuickTime, Apple’s multimedia environment was used in ARCHICAD up until version 17 for: processing image files, creating Fly-Through & Sun Study movies, Virtual Reality Scenes and Panoramic Views.

Installation Package creation

Using this installation package, you can save time by installing ARCHICAD at multiple workstations according to your customized, company-preferred configuration.

Deployed Installation

Deployed installation allows you to install ArchiCAD on more computers at the same time, usually at an office or university computer lab.

Activate Educational or Trial license

  Step 1: Register and Download You can register and download ArchiCAD installation files from website. Step 2: Start Installation Process After downloading ArchiCAD installer, run installation file and choose “I have a Serial Number…

ARCHICAD silent install methods

ArchiCAD silent install ArchiCAD installers have the option Installation Package Creation . Choosing this option does not install ArchiCAD itself, but runs a recorded install and creates one exe/app file, which can be run on any other computers without…