Print problems on macOS 10.13 High Sierra

by Boldizsar Vermes · updated: 03.07.2018

Affected version(s): all versions on macOS 10.13 | Severity: workaround applicable


Some users can’t print in landscape mode on macOS 10.13 High Sierra, the result is split into two portrait pages. Sometimes any other application isn’t affected just ARCHICAD.


This issue is related to the printing preferences created and stored by the OS. Based on this discussion on Apple Support Communities, deleting the presets helps. To do that go to ‘System drive/Users/<username>/Library/Preferences’ folder and delete files named or<printer name>.plist.

{i} No Library Folder? The Library folder within the userhome folder is hidden by default. To browse to the ~/Library folder:

  • In Finder choose Go, Go To Folder
  • Type ~/Library
  • Click go to navigate to the Library folder
  • Or simply press option (alt) when the Go menu is open in Finder to show Library on the list
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