ARCHICAD becomes non-responsive for a few seconds after creating simple elements on macOS 10.13 High Sierra

by Mate Marozsan · updated: 12.11.2017

Affected version(s): ARCHICAD 19, 20 and 21 | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: #237195


After the installation of macOS 10.13 High Sierra, a user may experience an unexpected delay while creating a simple element, for example a wall. Drawing a wall might take up to 2-4 seconds to finish. ARCHICAD runs over the Autosave folder when an element is created and saved to Recovery file. This results in a slow process because the folder structure contains old data-set that has been converted from HFS+ to APFS.


Determine the Autosave folder by looking in the Work Environment (Data Safety & Integrity).

Close ARCHICAD then rename or delete the Autosave folder in Finder. After opening a new instance of ARCHICAD it will use the default location which is recommended. It is safer to rename it first because it contains previously created autosaves that might be important for a user. If you make sure that all of your projects are saved before, it is advised to delete the Autosave folder after ARCHICAD gets back to the original Autosave location.

It might worth to update the operating system to the latest build because several High Sierra related issues has been fixed in macOS 10.13.2.


We plan to include a fix for this issue in the 8000 Update of ARCHICAD 20 and the 6000 Update of ARCHICAD 21.

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