Zooming is too fast with Magic Mouse on macOS 10.12 Sierra

by Ákos Karóczkai and Dániel Alexander Kovács · updated: 11.17.2016

Affected version: All ARCHICAD versions | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 216680

{i} Note: Apple has fixed this issue in a macOS Sierra update (10.12.1).

Issue: Zooming became very fast on macOS 10.12 Sierra when using a Magic Mouse, Magic Track Pad or the Built-In Track Pad on MacBooks.

Cause: In the new macOS 10.12 Sierra the number of zoom “input” has been increased with Apple mice/trackpads (around 3 times the number as it was on El Capitan) which is interpreted as faster zooming in ARCHICAD.

Workaround: At this time the only option is to use a 3rd party mouse instead of an Apple mouse/trackpad. We are planning to fix this issue in an upcoming ARCHICAD Update.

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