macOS 10.12.4 Update: crash & display issues

by Csaba Kézér and Gábor Almási · updated: 05.15.2017

Affected versions: All ARCHICAD versions | Severity: Workaround applicable | ID: 225917, 225992

Apple has fixed this issue with the macOS 10.12.5 Update, released on 05.15.2017.


Upper part of the workspace may appear blank on macOS Sierra 10.12.4 Update (released on 03.27.2017) with Intel Iris graphic cards:

intel iris display issue

When switching to the 3D window ARCHICAD can become unresponsive & can crash.

The issues are present only with Macs having Intel Iris Graphics cards. Macs with dedicated (AMD/Nvidia) Graphics cards are unaffected.


Apple has made changes to the Intel graphics driver in the 10.12.4 update that causes issues with ARCHICAD.


All of the above issues can be circumvented with turning off the Antialiasing feature of ARCHICAD. To do so:

  • start up ARCHICAD
  • navigate to: Options » Work Enviroment » Advanced Redraw Options menu
  • turn off 2D Drawing Antialiasing & 3D OpenGL Antialiasing
  • click OK
  • Restart ARCHICAD (these changes take effect only after ARCHICAD is restarted)

If ARCHICAD crashes during the startup process and the above mentioned workaround cannot be accomplished, Antialiasing can be turned off manually by changing a preferences file on your Mac. To turn off Antialiasing in the ARCHICAD preferences file follow the steps below:

  • Navigate to: ~/Library/Preferences/com.graphisoft.AC-64 20.0.0 INT v1.plist
  • Open it in a Plist editor app like Pref Setter, PlistEdit Pro or Xcode
  • Select the OpenGL (integer) folder
  • Select the key called Antialiasing Mode.
  • Change this key to -1
  • Press cmd+S to save & cmd+Q to close the application with the change applied.

Please note restarting the computer might be necessary to apply the changes.


This issue has been resolved by Apple in the macOS 10.12.5 Update.

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