Slow panning with grey background in ARCHICAD 20 Solo INT and UKI on macOS 10.12 Sierra

by Ákos Karóczkai and Dániel Alexander Kovács · updated: 07.13.2017

Affected version: 20 Solo INT, UKI | Severity: workaround applicable | ID: 216891

{i} Note: The issue is fixed in all versions of ARCHICAD 21 Solo


ARCHICAD 20 Solo is generally slow in floor plan and becomes grey when panning with the INT and UKI default Work Environment settings.


In the default Work Environment settings the 2D hardware acceleration is turned off in the UKI and INT templates of ARCHICAD 20 Solo.


Bring the slider of 2D Drawing Hardware Acceleration to max in the Options – Work Environment – Advanced Redraw Options – 2D Drawing Hardware Acceleration.


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