by GRAPHISOFT, Ed Brown and Katalin Götz · updated: 03.07.2012

{i} Here is a collections of “tricks” for getting VPN to work. These ideas have not been tested, but hopefully one will be of help to you.

WIBU or CodeMeter and VPN

Things to check:

  • Check if the server IP address is contained in the server search list of the webadmin tool of the client
  • Check if the port 22350 is the same in the webadmin tools of server and client and if it is set in the firewall (If there is a firewall)
  • It may also help to set the server IP address onto the white list of the firewall

Other things to try:

  • If there are two different types of protection (for instance Wibu and CodeMeter) try moving one to a different machine
  • Try restarting with Wibu-Key server Manager or WkSvMacX if you are using a Mac.

Virtual Building Explorer and VPN

Sometimes over VPN the ARCHICAD license is found but the Virtual Building Explorer is not. Try the checklist with under WIBU or Codemeter and VPN

Teamwork and VPN

The join process from a client to the BIM Server over VPN fails after several “Communicating with Server” messages.

Try a slightly different name for the BIM Server. Examine the connections.xml file found :

  • Mac: /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/Graphisoft/ConnectionInfo/15.0.0
  • Windows 7: [SYSTEM DISK]/Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Local/Graphisoft/ConnectionInfo/15.0.0
  • Windows XP: [SYSTEM DISK]/Documents and Settings/[USERNAME]/Application Data/Graphisoft/ConnectionInfo/15.0.0

(The paths above are for version 15. You’ll find a folder for your version in the ConnectionInfo folder.) You should compare the name that is used within your join dialog and the one that can be found in the connection.xml. It is possible the Bim Server name differs by the addition or subraction of the extension “.local” at the end. When you join via VPN the name should mimic what is in the connection.xml even if the other name works well inside the office.

(Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” users: your ~user/Library folder is now hidden. To browse to it in Finder, hold the “option” key while you click on the Go menu: this will make Library appear in that menu.)

Other things to try:

  • Add the IP address to the /etc/hosts file on the machine hosting the BIM Server (You might need to experiment with first the IP address that is used externally and/or the IP address used internally)
  • Flush your DNS
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