Tricks to getting a small mac only network without DNS server to work

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 10.25.2010

/!\ Graphisoft is working on a solution to provide easier TeamWork setup for Mac only networks.

On the Server: Add in BIM Server Preferences under Advanced Settings/Internet Address the name of the computer hosting the Bim Server. Include the “.local”. Something like this: “Ed-Browns-MacBook-Pro.local”

On the client:

  1. Close any instances of ARCHICAD running
  2. Remove [user home]/Library/Preferences/Graphisoft/TeamworkInfo_v2.xml
  3. Remove [user home]/Library/Application support/Graphisoft/Connectioninfo/14.0.0/connections.xml
  4. Flush DNS cache: open terminal and give the following command: dscacheutil -flushcache
  5. Launch ARCHICAD
    • Open join dialog

    • Add BIM Server Name – Including the “.local” ending

    • Enter a valid user and password

    • It will return with an invalid User

  6. Close ARCHICAD
  7. Launch ARCHICAD
    • Open join dialog

    • Select the Bim Server that now is in the pull down list

    • Enter the same valid user and password

In case there are missing library elements, consult this page: Not all users see the uploaded libraries

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