Using Teamwork in a mixed environment

by GRAPHISOFT and Greg Kmethy · updated: 03.26.2012

Using Teamwork from Macs and PCs is supported. Here are a few things to watch out for, however:

File System Compatibility

Windows and Mac file systems allow different characters in file names. The following characters are allowed in file names on OSX, but on Windows systems these are invalid characters. Avoid using these not only in file names but also in embedded libraries (as names of library parts). Windows users cannot join projects, that have such characters (in file/libpart names) and were shared on Mac.

'\', '/', ':', '*', '?', '"', '<', '>', '|'

The following character valid on a PC is invalid on Macs:


General Networking

Generally, Macs seem to perform better in a Windows environment than Windows machines in a primarily Mac environment. Macs can easily mount Windows volumes with the SMB protocol. However, we often find that there are DNS problems with Mac clients if the DNS service is provided by a Windows server. We recommend to assign static IP addresses to mac clients to avoid such problems.

Also make sure that the BIM server has a fix IP address and a qualified domain name so that all computers can access the BIM server using the same name. “.local” names might work, but often don’t. Read more here: Teamwork/ConnectionProblems

Font Compatibility

Make sure that you use Fonts in your files that are installed (and tested) on both Mac and PC. You can often use Windows Fonts on Mac, but make sure that text looks the same on both platforms.

Any linked data (Hotlinks, external drawings) should be on a drive that both platforms can access with the same path name.

Protection Key Issues

If you have a small mixed network with no DNS service, and you need to use a NET WibuKey or CodeMeter protection key, then the Key Server has to be a Mac.

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