Selective Restore From Backup

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 12.29.2010

The backup data

Suppose we have some data we would like to restore from a backup. Here is what the backup folder looks like:


Selectively restore a project

From the BIM Server Manager choose Create then “Import from file…”


Navigate to your backup directory.


At this point it becomes clear that you are going to need help to proceed. Which oddly named file is the one that you need? With your favorite text editor open the Projects.txt file that resides in the backup folder.


In this example we will restore the “1005 Gaston Str” project. That means we need to choose the file named “8992DB4F-273F-4F7A-BBBE-46534DB2586E.BIMProject”, which is the last one in the list of the dialog “Import Project(s) from…” The Project Name dialog will show “1005 Gaston Str” and we add to that “(from 20101229 backup)” to distinguish it from the current project.


At this point a client ARCHICAD can join the newly restored project.

Selectively restore the Project Categories, Users, Roles

Here I will use Project Categories as an example. Users and Roles will follow a similar process. First select the proper tab and the from the “Create” button choose “Import from file…”


Navigate to the directory where your backup file is:


And okay the dialog.

Selectively restore a library

The library does not have an Interface option so you must use the command prompt (or terminal window) With a text editor of your choice open the Libraries.txt file in the Backup folder.


In this example we will restore the “GastonLib.” This means that the file in the backup folder called “511FBF82-5790-4E14-9943-5AD2F4266432.BIMLibrary” is the one that we must submit to the library restore command. This command is called:

  • TeamworkServerAttachmentContainerRestoreTool

It looks like this in a Command Prompt window:


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