Restore the master module from backup

by GRAPHISOFT and Ed Brown · updated: 12.29.2010

Command to restore the master module

  • TeamworkServerRestoreTool Source_folder_created_by_backup

Command is found at:

  • On Mac: /Applications/Graphisoft/BIM Server/Server Modules/[master module version]/TeamworkServer

  • On PC: \Program Files\Graphisoft\BIM Server\Server Modules\[master module version]\TeamworkServer

Example where ARCHICAD 14 is the master module

  • restore.png

Things to note:

  • The master module is the highest numbered version used by your BIM Server
  • Projects from modules other than the master module will not be restored
  • You need administrative rights to run the command
    • On a mac use “sudo”
    • On a PC make sure you are administrator
  • You can either
    • Navigate to where the command is, or
    • Use the path in the command with quotes
  • You must specify a target or source folder
  • A log will be created in …/server Modules/[master module version number]/TeamworkServer/Logs
    • ServerRestoreTool.log for restores

  • It does not matter which platform (Mac or PC) you restore to
  • The target BIM Server does not have to be empty
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