Replacing Hardware Keys with Software Keys

by Greg Kmethy and Gábor Almási · updated: 12.05.2016

Before You Begin

  1. To replace your hardware protection keys with software protection keys, you will use the GRAPHISOFT License Manager Tool. Download and install this program from:
  2. In order to manage software protection keys, you must have a GRAPHISOFT ID. Obtain your GRAPHISOFT ID by registering at the website.
  3. Your local representative provides you with a list of hardware keys to be replaced, plus a unique Authentication Key that validates your company identity and gives you access to your new software protection key(s). Keep this information with you during the replacement process.

Step-by-Step Key Replacement

  1. Start the License Manager Tool and Sign in with your GRAPHISOFT ID:
  2. In the appearing dialog box, enter your Authentication Key.


  3. The Create Company Account dialog box appears.

    Enter the name of your company and click ACCEPT to become your company’s Admin, who will manage the company account.
    Note: You will enter the Authentication Key and create a Company Account only once.

  4. Plug in the hardware protection key that you are replacing into your computer.
  5. From the appearing list in the License Manager Tool, select the hardware key and press Continue.


  6. The Key Replacement dialog box appears, listing the Source key (the hardware key) and the Target key (the new software key, located in the cloud-based Company License Pool, which will replace it).


  7. Click Start Replacement to begin the process.
  8. Once the process is finished, you can download the new software key to your computer: select the software key from the list and click Download.
  9. The program will notify you once the key has been successfully downloaded to your computer.
  10. The key and its licenses are ready to use. Press Quit to exit the License Manager Tool.


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