How can a Company change who is the Administrator?

by Márta Trón · updated: 03.07.2017

Usually the first member who joins the GSID company automatically becomes its Administrator.

Note: Only the administrator can transfer administrator rights to another member.

  1. To transfer the administrator status to another member, the administrator needs to log in to
  2. Then go to “Company Details”/”Administration” and select the member you want to make the New administrator. Click on the Send request button.

If the person is not a GSID company member yet, first he/she needs to join the Company:


There are two ways to join an existing Company:

A. The Administrator can invite any individual with a personal GRAPHISOFT ID to join the Company he/she manages. The Administrator need to send the invitation from the website under the “Company details / Invitations” menu.
SendInvitationThe invited Member will receive an email with the invitation, and can approve or reject the invitation; or will get a Pending request on the GSID page and click on the Approve button.ApproveInvitation1

B.     A GRAPHISOFT ID user can send a join request to an Administrator at the first attempt of using GRAPHISOFT’s online services, e.g.:

  • downloading a Software-Based Protection Key to her computer
  • Sharing a BIMx model

When an individual does any of the above actions using the Company’s ARCHICAD license and their own individual GRAPHISOFT ID, then the administrator will be notified for approval to complete the process. At this point, this GRAPHISOFT ID will become a Member of the Company.

3. The (new) Member will receive an email notification and will be asked to accept the Administrator role; or will get a Pending request on the GSID page and needs to click on the Approve button.RequestTobetheAdmin

4. By approving this request the Member will be the new Administrator of the GSID Company. Later on the earlier administrator can be disconnected from the GSID company, if needed.

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