Requirements for configuration of the CodeMeter as HID and updating its firmware

by Gábor Almási · updated: 11.23.2017

With the macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), Apple introduced strict policy regarding the USB devices which use Kernel Extension. CodeMeter hardware keys distributed by GRAPHISOFT use Kernel Extension 3G.

In order to keep the stability and flexibility of our protection keys, they must be configured as HID (Human Interface Device).

/!\ Note: Firmware update might be needed to be able to configure the hardware keys.

Requirements of Firmware update

A failure to update the CodeMeter Hardware key firmware is, in most cases, due to the inability to establish the connection to the WIBU’s server.

In order to successfully update the firmware, you must enable the http communication on your Firewall or Antivirus application

/!\ Note: Many company networks use proxy servers, which have to be configured for CodeMeter. Since CodeMeter Version 4.10a, the proxy is read and eventually transferred during installing. The setting can be read and manually changed for older versions or other individual cases. If you want to know whether a proxy is used on your network and which settings are required, please ask your administrator.

Requirements of HID configuration

The ARCHICAD Update establishes communication with our server to perform the CodeMeter Hardware key update.

In order to do that, please make sure communication with the following server is enabled:



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