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by Brieuc Tassel, Csaba Kézér, Marton Kiss, Tamás Erős, GRAPHISOFT and Dániel Alexander Kovács · updated: 04.26.2017


bimx--bimxdocslogo BIMx by GRAPHISOFT is a professional BIM project viewer featuring BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D & 3D building project navigation. BIMx Hyper-models offer extremely smooth handling and outstanding performance even for projects with complex/large 3D building models and excessive 2D documentation.


We welcome any feedback about BIMx. If you have an issue to report or an idea on how to make BIMx better please contact us here.


BIMx 2017 Fall Update –  BIMx Tips and Hyperlinks in Schedule views now available

iOS App version 2017.2.1250 and Android App version 2017.2.1271

  • BIMx Tips
    • Presents optional, short BIMx usage tips and tricks within BIMx apps a few times in a month, when the app starts. Also, provides a weblink to the related GRAPHISOFT Help Center article where the tip is explained in details. Available in ENG, GER, RUS, KOR and JPN languages. Both on iOS and Android.
  • Hyperlinks in Schedule views
    • Hyperlinks will be generated automatically between 3D model elements and their representation in Interactive Schedule drawings placed on a Layout within the same Hyper-model. When you tap on the schedule item an interactive popup helps you to find and select the related element(s) in the connected 3D model. In this way, not only the model derived 2D drawings but also the schedules will be hyperlinked with the 3D model.

BIMx 2017 Q2 Update –  Architects can now display their credits in BIMx mobile

iOS App version 2017.2.951 and Android App version 2017.2.1002

  • Combining ARCHICAD 21 new Publisher Set Properties and BIMx latest release, Architects can now display their credits (website URL and Logo) directly in the BIMx hyper-model
  • ARCHICAD 21 publishing improvements
    • The BIMx transfer site quotas (Public and Private) are now available from the Publisher Set Properties window, allowing the users to have an overview of the storage space already used
    • Now you can select multiple Schedules for the Info Set, in the Publisher Set Properties window
  • BIMx enhancements
    • Welcome screen (new users only)
    • New features overview (after application update)

BIMx 2017 Q1 Update part II –  Push notification from BIMx Transfer Site

iOS App version 2017.1.787 and Android App version 2017.1.827

  • Push notification is now supported in BIMx: get a short text message when a Hyper-model obtained from BIMx Model Transfer service has been updated and is ready for download.
  • Enhanced download protocol has been introduced, making it significantly faster to download a Hyper-model or an update from the BIMx Model Transfer service.
  • The issue on devices with iOS 10.3 version, which causes BIMx files to disappear if the Hyper-model name contains accented letters (éáöüí etc.), has been fixed.

BIMx 2017 Q1 Update part I –  Share your project on social networks in BIMx

iOS App version 2017.1.662 and Android App version 2017.1.682

  • Google Drive is now supported in BIMx to transfer Hyper-models on all desktop and mobile operating systems (including Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and iOS as well as Google Android devices).
  • Apple AirDrop is also supported in BIMx, making it easy to transfer Hyper-models among any iOS or macOS devices.
  • New options for sharing Hyper-model with friends and business partners:
    • as an interactive, panoramic 360 Photo on Facebook
    • as a Tweet or LinkedIn update, with embedded camera view, directly from the BIMx model
    • or using any other sharing methods (email, iMessage, Messenger, Viber, Yammer, etc.) for which you have installed the appropriate app.

BIMx 2016 Fall Update – BIMx is now supporting the most popular Virtual Reality device

iOS App version 2016.3.530

  • Google Cardboard Support
    • Look around at pre-defined positions through your Gallery items or favorites
    • Walk freely within your 3D model with custom speed options
  • BIMx now supports split view, you can work simultaneously on two apps at the same time on your iPad
    • Beneficial if you are using URL-based data exchange between BIMx and a 3rd party app
  • BIMx allows you to create hyperlinks with more elements included into the same URL

Android App version 2016.3.561

  • Google Cardboard Support
    • Look around at pre-defined positions through your Gallery items or favorites
    • Walk freely within your 3D model with custom speed options
  • BIMx allows you to create hyperlinks with more elements included into the same URL

BIMx 2016 Q2 Update – Free access to 2D content of any Hyper-model

iOS App version 2016.2.397

Android App version 2016.2.432

BIMx Model Transfer service

  • New design
  • Improved performance and higher availability

BIMx Product Site

  • New site fully dedicated to BIMx, access it from here

BIMx 2016 Q1 Update – Hyper-model sharing becomes platform independent

iOS App version 2016.1.227

Android App version 2016.13.255

BIMx Model Transfer service

  • The sharing link can be forwarded anytime later to anyone, thanks to the BIMx Model Transfer site storing the model sharing links together with the Hyper-models.

BIMx 2015 Q4 Update – Access model elements in BIMx via hyperlinks

iOS App version 15.4.158

BIMx 2015 Q3 Update – BIMcloud connection taken to the next level

iOS App version 15.3.58

  • Join a BIMcloud Teamwork project from BIMx to enable BIMx PRO functions
  • Attach Camera Photos to the BIMcloud Teamwork messages
  • Create schedule sheets with interactive web page and email address hyperlinks

Android App version 15.3.102

BIMx 2015 Q2 Update – Direct Cloud Storage Access

iOS App version 4.0.2809

The latest BIMx update released together with ARCHICAD 19 presents four new features on iOS devices:

Android App version 3.5.3510

This new update introduces BIMcloud messaging from your Android device as well as compatibility developments to support BIMx files exported from ARCHICAD 19.

BIMx 2015 Q1 Update – Simplified licensing with BIMx PRO

iOS App version 3.6.353

BIMx Docs has been renamed to BIMx PRO. This change doesn’t affect the existing features in any way and doesn’t contain any addition to what BIMx Docs had. With the update BIMx Docs becomes BIMx PRO.

Simplified Licensing

GRAPHISOFT simplifies BIMx licensing options for iOS devices. From this point two licensing options are available:

  • purchasing a license for all models on one device (suitable for architects)
  • sharing a license for one model with other parties for an unlimited amount of time (architects can share the model with all AEC stakeholders)

 Just like before, BIMx is the free app offering In-App purchases and BIMx PRO is the paid app containing all extras by default. Read more about the new simplified licensing options in our BIMx Licensing article.

Faster Model Download

This update brings a significant improvement to model download speed. Larger file downloads from the BIMx Model Transfer cloud service remain stable even when the app is in the background.


BIMx provides 3D environment to explore full BIM models with game-like navigation on mobile devices or on desktop computers.

BIMx on Mobile Platforms

iOS: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

The latest version of BIMx and BIMx PRO apps are available from the App Store. See the Downloads section for further details. A few tips to get started with BIMx on iOS:


The latest version of BIMx app is available as a free download at the Google Play Store. See the Downloads section for further details. A few tips to get started with BIMx on Android:

BIMx Desktop/ Laptop Viewer

The GRAPHISOFT BIMx package is included in ARCHICAD for free up to version 19. From ARCHICAD 20 you can download the BIMx Desktop Viewer separately from our website.


Before downloading BIMx, please read the System Requirements and the recommended video cards for BIMx. iOS See also: About BIMx license types

BIMx for iOS devices in the App Store

  • BIMx PRO: Fully functional application – purchase at download
  • BIMx: Free application offering in-app purchase options

BIMx for Android devices in the Google Play Store


  • BIMx: Free application with the in-app purchase option for full functionality

BIMx Desktop/ Laptop Viewer



Create an interactive, 3D presentation package at any stage of your ARCHICAD project, check out the tips to export ARCHICAD Models for BIMx.


BIMx Shortcuts The interactive 3D building models can be shared on the BIMx Model Transfer site. Upload your BIMx Hyper-model from ARCHICAD with an ease. The uploaded model can be sent to the Client with a simple link.


In this article you can find a collection about the discovered known issues with BIMx: BIMx Known Issues

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