BIMcloud Backup Guide

by Csaba Kézér and István Moharos · updated: 01.05.2018

Related versions: v18 and newer

Backing up your BIMcloud is essential to avoid data loss and minimize the time needed in case of a disaster recovery. Your backup can also be used for moving the Teamwork Projects and Libraries or even the entire installed application onto a different machine.

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Teamwork Environment Components

The below diagram explains the different components of an example BIMcloud Environment focusing on the data that can be used for the recovery. The BIMcloud Proxy and the LDAP component are not included in the backup.

Teamwork environment components

Choose backup levels

There are three backup levels to choose from according to which portions of your BIMcloud do you want to save off. It is strongly recommended to backup both:

  • Projects individually (1st level) in case only a Project file would get damaged, or if you would like to go back to an earlier version of the Project
  • the BIMcloud application (2nd level) or the entire OS of the machine (3rd level) in case the installed application itself gets corrupt

1st level – Project and Library backups

Backing up:

  • Server data of Projects (BIMProject)
  • PLN backups on the Server
  • Each user’s Local Cache (PLA)


  • when project is damaged (most of the cases)
  • optimised for minimal data loss
Pros: Cons:
Consistent (hourly bkp) Recovery time
Automated Restore one by one
Accessible Version dependent

2nd level – Full BIMcloud Data backup

Backing up:

  • BIMcloud Server data
  • BIMcloud Manager data


  • when server gets damaged (rarely)
  • restore BIMcloud on the same machine
  • Frequency: daily (overnight – outside of work hours)
Pros: Cons:
Full BIMcloud recovery Synced databases required
Scripted Services have to be stopped (outside of work hours)
Can be scheduled ‘Same’ BIMcloud required

3rd level – Operating System snapshot

Backing up:

  • Snapshot of the Virtual Machine


  • when OS or computer hardware is damaged (little chance)
  • quick recovery
Pros: Cons:
Full recovery (OS + BS/BC) Synced databases required
Can be scheduled Services have to be stopped
Replica server Management of VMs
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