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ARCHICAD 22 was announced on May 2, 2018. ARCHICAD 22 is focused on improving the architectural design and documentation workflow for building façades. In addition, it introduces significant improvements to its construction modeling, information management, and 2D performance.

New features

Façade Design Remastered

Parametric Profiles

Expression Defined Property Values

Faster & smoother 2D navigation

Productivity and Workflow Enhancements

Get started with ARCHICAD 22

Before Installing

ARCHICAD is available on both Windows and Mac platforms. Data exchange between the two platforms is fully supported through compatible file formats and collaboration methods such as Teamwork, so they can be used even in mixed environments.

The System Requirements for our products can be found here. A list of the certified hardware configurations tested by GRAPHISOFT to work well with ARCHICAD can be found on this site. We tested how some Graphics Cards perform with smaller and larger projects in ARCHICAD. The description of the test environment and the results can be found here.

The files types processed by both ARCHICAD and BIMcloud are listed here. The site describes the import and export possibilities and the supported versions of the file formats created by GRAPHISOFT products or 3rd party applications.

Download and Install

ARCHICAD is available to download at Further accessories (Add-ons & Goodies, Libraries & Objects, Product Updates, etc.) can be downloaded from the ARCHICAD Downloads page.

A step by step guide how to install ARCHICAD 22 with a Single License can be found here and another one about the Network Installation for BIM Managers here. All other installation solutions such as Deployed Installation, Silent Install of ARCHICAD and Updates are collected on this site.

If you have ARCHICAD already installed and you want to add new features, or ARCHICAD needs to be repaired, the information detailed on this site can help. All that’s good to know about how to Uninstall ARCHICAD even in silent mode can be found here.

If you get in trouble during the Install or Startup of ARCHICAD, this guide will help you determine the possible cause and lead you to its respective solutions.

License types

ARCHICAD 22 can be activated using one of several license types:

  • Commercial license requires a CodeMeter Hardware-based or Software-based protection key
  • Trial license is available through A fully functional 30-day serial number can be obtained after the registration.
  • Demo version requires neither a protection key nor a serial number. All save/export options are disabled but printing is possible. ARCHICAD can be downloaded from
  • Education license is available through A 1-year serial number is available upon approval.
  • Pay-Per-use (PPU) license requires a CodeMeter Hardware-based protection key. A PPU license lets you run ARCHICAD for the number of hours purchased (not available on all markets).
  • Rental license requires a CodeMeter Hardware-based protection key. A Rental license lets you run ARCHICAD for 1, 3, 6, or 12 calendar months.
  • Enhanced Rental license requires a CodeMeter Hardware-based or Software-based protection key. An Enhanced Rental license lets you run ARCHICAD for 1, 3, 6, or 12 calendar months.
  • License Borrowing An ARCHICAD Commercial license may be borrowed from a multi-license CodeMeter Hardware-based or Software-based protection key and later returned for subsequent use by another user.
  • Subscription license requires a Software-based protection key. A Subscription license lets you run ARCHICAD for 1 or 12 calendar months and it is automatically extended until the customer opts-out (not available on all markets).

How to Use

The ARCHICAD 22 Reference Guide is filled with a lot of useful information about every tool, feature, and function. Have a look at it!

Are you in trouble? Check the Troubleshooting collection of the known issues and their workarounds.

Advanced users should check the Tips&Tricks to extend their knowledge. It is always useful to see how available features may be combined in new ways to simplify work and offer new insights.

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