ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016

by Márta Trón · updated: 04.26.2016

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ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016 was released on January 12, 2016. Based on the industry-leading Virtual Building technology of ARCHICAD 19, ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016 introduces a wide array of modeling and productivity improvements focusing on the most requested customer wishes. ARCHICAD STAR(T) EDITION 2016 provides the full power of ARCHICAD 19’s BIM-based streamlined documentation workflow, allowing the model to stay live until the very end of the project: it helps keep architects in the state of the creative design flow with as little disruption as possible.

By extending its robust 64-bit and multi-processing technologies with Background Processing, an industry-first in BIM, ARCHICAD takes the next quantum leap in BIM Performance. As a result, ARCHICAD STAR(T) EDITION now offers lightning-fast response times, making it the undisputed speed leader in the BIM business, offering users a uniquely responsive, fluid work environment, saving a considerable amount of time and effort during their everyday tasks.


STAR(T) Edition 2016 supports the following operating systems:

*Suitable for running ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016, but not tested by GRAPHISOFT.

 Can read files created with:

  • STAR(T) Edition 2006 or newer versions
  • ARCHICAD 8.1 and 9

START(T) Edition 2016 files can be opened with:

START(T) Edition 2016 protection key:

  • You can use Start Edition with a dongle which has full ARCHICAD license on.

Version Comparison

Check the new features comparison chart to see the differences between ARCHICAD 19 Full and StartEdition versions: Version Comparison

New Features in STAR(T) Edition 2016

ARCHICAD 19’s Simultaneous Element Editing skills, Smart Attribute handling and other modeling functions, OPEN collaboration with BCF format support, overall Performance Improvements and the full range of sophisticated 2D / 3D editing enhancements – and many more – make ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016 the ideal tool of a broad user community. The full feature set makes the STAR(T) Edition 2016 workflow a very smooth one from the very first mass study, right up to the final documentation phase.

performance Background Processing
ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition takes advantage of unused computer capacity by anticipating potential future user actions and preparing for them in the background. This greatly increases the overall responsiveness of the application, so it feels more agile with projects of any type or size. The dramatic difference between GRAPHISOFT’s next-gen technology and standard BIM software can be best witnessed when returning to one’s previous BIM software without background processing.
opengl Smoother, Faster 3D Navigation with OpenGL
STAR(T) 2016 uses a fully-optimized OpenGL engine ensuring a smooth, lightning-fast 3D navigation, even when working with extremely large building models. We know that architects like to use ARCHICAD’s 3D model window for informal client presentations. This model window uses the so-called “OpenGL” engine. And because STAR(T) uses a fully optimized OpenGL engine, you’ll get smoother, faster 3D navigation, free from flickering—even with extremely large models.
tabs Improved Work Environment
The new Tab Bar for multiple viewpoints allows speedier switching among Floor Plans, Sections, Elevations, and 3D windows. This makes accessing different views and overseeing BIM projects much easier. Plus, true full-screen mode makes STAR(T) 2016 feel like the most natural BIM application on the Mac.
wysiwyg PDF Improvements
By implementing a truly WYSIWYG – “what you see is what you get” – solution for saving PDF files in ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016, we ensure that only the visible layers will be included in the created PDF, and the exported layers can later be switched on and off in the PDF viewer.
intuitiveness Intuitiveness
Brand new Guide Lines, Snap Guides and Snap Points provide permanent graphical aid for accurate element creation and editing. Listing enhancements help users accurately schedule the area of any skins from composite structures by listing skin areas in interactive schedules. Annotation improvements like the Pointer for Dimension Texts and Automatic Labels help ease the tedious work of documentation.
ac19-caption-openbim Leading the Way in OPEN BIM
ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016 supports highly iterative coordination with engineers and consultants and delivers several IFC-related improvements.STAR(T) 2016 allows users to import the IFC model exactly as it looked in the original application in which it was created: “perfect geometry, minimal attributes.”IFC Spaces will always be converted to editable ARCHICAD Zones by retaining their original geometries; ability to override materials and representation styles of IFC model elements; IFC data mapping with library part independent GDL parameters; customizable property update function; and faster IFC data handling in IFC Manager.Collision detection now works with all imported IFC MEP elements as well. Improved collision detection performance makes STAR(T) 2016 a unique BIM authoring tool with full-fledged interdisciplinary coordination capabilities.
ac19-caption-surface Surface Painter
ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2016 enables intuitive, drag-and-drop editing of the building model surfaces in 3D -providing instant visual feedback.Creative design is instantaneous and may also be truly impressive during client presentations. Intuitive drag-and-drop building model surface editing in 3D provides instant visual feedback. SE 2016’s new Surface Painter lets designers change model surfaces in the 3D window with a single click, using a floating palette.


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