ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2015

by Dániel Alexander Kovács · updated: 10.19.2015

See also: StartEdition

ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2015 was released on February 2, 2015. Based on the industry-leading Virtual Building technology of ARCHICAD 18, ARCHICAD STAR(T) Edition 2015 has been tailored to the needs of smaller architectural practices. ARCHICAD SE2015 contains all the tools necessary to create the building information model from which the entire architectural documentation is derived.

STAR(T) Edition 2015 introduces a wide array of modeling and productivity improvements focusing on the most requested customer wishes. provides the full power of ARCHICAD 18’s one-of-a-kind, end-to-end BIM-based documentation workflow, allowing the model to stay live until the very end of the project: it simplifies the modeling and documentation of buildings even when the design contains a high level of detail.

Enhancing overall performance with improvements to computing speed and power come from GRAPHISOFT’s commitment to expanding the possibilities available to the architect. Designers will also benefit from improved workflow and other features.
IFC Support ensures the smoothest workflow in collaboration with engineers. Sophisticated 3D editing enhancements ensure the most precise input.


STAR(T) Edition 2015 supports the following operating systems:

*Suitable for running ARCHICAD 18, but not tested by GRAPHISOFT.
**There might be a few compatibility issues. Please check the El Capitan page for more details.

 Can read files created with:

  • STAR(T) Edition 2006 or newer versions
  • ARCHICAD 8.1 and 9

START(T) Edition 2015 files can be opened with:

START(T) Edition 2015 protection key:

  • You can use Start Edition with a dongle which has full ARCHICAD license on.

Version Comparison

Check the new features comparison chart to see the differences between ARCHICAD 18 Full and StartEdition versions: Version Comparison

New Features in STAR(T) Edition 2015

morph.jpg Modeling Enhancements
SE 2015 features various modeling enhancements:
Air Gaps in Composite Structures: Correct Display & Handling
Building Materials: Expanded Properties & Tags
Edit Multiple Elements Simultaneously w/ Visual Feedback
Composites Without Cores
slanted.jpg Enhanced Mark-Up tool features
Mark-up tool features has been enhanced in order to make collaboration easier. Now you can make pictures of the 3D window, and attach it to the Mark-up entry to make it even easier to understand
drawing.jpg OPEN BIM and collaboration (IFC/BCF)
ARCHICAD Start Edition 2015 supports the import/export and data structure of the latest IFC standards. BIM Collaboration Format (BCF)-Based Data Exchange is now also supported. Scheme-Driven IFC Data Management and Export makes it even easier to handle IFC properties, and other minor improvements make SE2015 a much better tool for collaboration.
3d.jpg Enhanced PDF support
Link PDFs in your project from the file menu or with a simple drag & drop and handle them dynamically with ARCHICAD Start Edition 2015. PDF export is also enhanced, now supporting exporting with layers.
3d.jpg Easier and more flexible handling of External Content and Atrributes
The handling of External Files and Attributes have become easier and more flexible.
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