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BIMx: Notes on Model Data, Size, Textures and Shadows

These tips are intended for optimizing the ARCHICAD model before saving it in BIMx. The ARCHICAD Model Unit preference (e.g. Imperial or Metric) will be used by default when the BIMx model is opened in a viewer application. If your BIMx model is going to be viewed on hand-held devices such ...

Typical 3D and 2D Speed Problems - Troubleshooting Guide

This Article describes how to troubleshoot 3D and 2D performance problems Too many polygons count number of polygons with PolyCounter tool (Help menu > ArchiCAD [version] Downloads) to determine polygon count find objects with too many polygons watch out for…

Windows Vista

  ArchiCAD 11-16 on Windows Vista ArchiCAD 11-16 versions are fully compatible with Windows Vista on both 32 and 64-bit systems. ArchiCAD 17 and newer ArchiCAD 17 and newer versions are not supported on Windows Vista. This means that you can run…

Get Your Free Twinmotion 2021

Twinmotion 2020 is out. Read this article to learn how you can get it free to create stunning real-time visualizations.

ARCHICAD and SSD drives

Learn about what options you have when you are shopping for an SSD, and see how different SSDs stack up against ARCHICAD.