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Using GRAPHISOFT BIMx Desktop Viewer (BIMx), you can explore the 3D building models created with GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD in an interactive way. BIMx ...

Welcome to BIMx Web Viewer

You have received a link to your BIMx Hyper-model: a building model that you can view and explore in a browser. The BIMx Hyper-model is generated in ARCHICAD and published to the BIMx Model Transfer service. 1.Click on the URL link to open the BIMx Hyper-model in a browser. 2.Then click the ...

BIMx Application Settings on Mobile Devices

  Location of BIMx Settings Android Devices BIMx Settings, accessible while BIMx is running Click the three dots icon shown at the top of the screen while BIMx is running. In the drop-down menu select "Settings" button to reach all of the BIMx