License Manager Overview

A Hardware-Based Protection Key (Hardware Key) is a physical keyplug: either WIBU or CodeMeter.
A Software-Based Protection Key (Software Key) is a software-based license key.
GRAPHISOFT ID (GSID): GRAPHISOFT ID is an identification system for GRAPHISOFT websites. Some License Manager functions require that you sign in, using your GRAPHISOFT ID. If you don’t have one yet, sign up at
The Company License Pool is an online repository where all your purchased licenses are stored.
Authentication Key – This is a unique, company-specific code used to identify your company for license management functions. To obtain one for your company, contact your GRAPHISOFT distributor.
Update the licenses on your protection keys
Download a Software Key from the Company License Pool
Upload a Software Key from your computer to the Company License Pool
Replace one type of protection key with another (e.g. from hardware to software, or from WIBU to CodeMeter)
The top section (Available Protection Keys) lists each key that is plugged in to your computer or otherwise available to you.
Note: In order to see the protection keys located in the Company License Pool, you must be signed in with your GRAPHISOFT ID.
The Refresh button ensures that the list of available protection keys, and their status, are up to date.
The Content of Selected Key section shows you which licenses (if any) are on this key.
If the license requires an update (as shown below), then the Licenses After Update field tells you which licenses will be on the key after the update is finished.
Update licenses on protection keys
Upload Software Key to Company License Pool
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