If You Have a New Software Key


Start the License Manager Tool on your computer. If you have not installed it yet, you can download it from the following link: http://www.graphisoft.com/downloads/licensing.
Sign in to the License Manager Tool to access your new Software Key from the Company License Pool.
If you have a GRAPHISOFT ID, use it to sign in.
If you don’t, click Sign Up to generate one.
You will be prompted to provide your Authentication Key provided by your distributor.
Note: If you have already used a BIMx product requiring authentication, you will not have to authenticate yourself again for the License Manager Tool, provided you are using the same GRAPHISOFT ID.
If you are the first one to use the Authentication Key, the Create Company Account dialog box appears.
Enter or verify your company name.
Click Accept to become your company’s Admin, who will manage the company account. The Admin will be notified via email if one of your co-workers wishes to join the company account as a Member.
If the Join Company Account dialog box appears when you enter the Authentication Key, this means your Company Account has already been created.
Click Join Account. Your Company Admin will be automatically notified of your action.
Once you are approved, sign in to the License Manager Tool. Here, you can download the Software Keys to which the Admin has given you access.
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