Toolbox Commands

The Toolbox is at the bottom of your window.


Some commands are available only in a 3D or only in a 2D view.

Go to Next/Previous View


Open the Previous/Next 2D View (2D Views only)

Views are opened in the order they are listed in Index Browser.

Open Help Guide


Open on-screen Help Guide

3D Navigation Settings


Open 3D Navigation Settings (3D View only)

Actual Size


Show 2D view at 100 percent Scale (1:1 Zoom level) (2D Views only)

Fit to Screen


Fits entire view to current screen size

Open Hyper-model in New Window


Use this to open several Hyper-model views side by side.

Toggle to Fullscreen


Expand view to full screen. Click again to restore original view, or press Esc.

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