Info Tool


Pressing I during navigation activates the Info Tool. In this mode, the cursor’s shape changes to a cross and the bounding box of the currently selected model element is highlighted. One click with the mouse opens the Info palette, which shows basic information about the selected model element. The following information is displayed in the Info Tool:
Type – Element Type (e.g. Wall, Slab)
Layer – Layer of the element in the ARCHICAD model
Element parameters, as applicable – e.g. height, width, thickness, volume, structure (if composite), slant, area, pitch. These values are taken from the ARCHICAD model element parameters.
Library Part Name (as applicable)
Tags (inasmuch as the element has values filled out for these tags) – e.g. Position, Structural Function
Note: These Info Tool data are only available if you are exploring a BIMx model saved from ARCHICAD 16 or later. (BIMx models saved from earlier ARCHICAD versions show only a limited set of these data.)
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