Stereo View


BIMx can display the model in stereo view modes. The following methods are available:
Note: You need special stereo view glasses to enjoy this BIMx feature.
Quad Buffer: available only with NVIDIA drivers.
Note: Stereo View options are not available if you are in Parallel view. (Click F8 to toggle Parallel view.)
Turn on the SSAO effect (Screen Space Ambient Occlusion) on to give greater depth to the scene. Effective when used in conjunction with the Unlit Render mode. While not as sophisticated as Global Illumination, the effect is similar, without needing the precalculation process.
SSAO is only available if your graphics card supports the OpenGL 2.0 standard. Typically, older-model laptops cannot benefit from this feature.
SSAO is not yet available on mobile devices due to hardware limitations.
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