Render Mode


Choose a Render Mode to display the BIMx model.
Headlight: View the scene as if there were a lamp on your head
Global Illumination: Available for models that were calculated using Global Illumination.
Black and White: Available for models that were calculated using Global Illumination, but only GI lightmaps will be visible, for a grayscale image.
Simple Shading: Basic lighting with materials and contours.
Unlit: Shows materials with ambient lighting only. You can add detail by turning on SSAO.
Gouraud: Shows materials with simple lighting
Metal: Similar to Headlight, but omits materials
Hidden Line: No shading. Displays the contours of scene geometry.
Some of these methods may not be available, depending on the graphics card you are using.
Tips for Choosing a Render Mode
The Global Illumination method gives you the most realistic view of the model. To access it, Global Illumination must have been calculated for the model.
Note: The Black and White (Global Illumination) render option is also available for models calculated with Global Illumination.
Headlight mode is a simpler rendering method compared to Global Illumination , but it is available on all devices (with the possible exception of extremely old computers).
On very old-model computers (provided they meet the minimum system requirements), the Gouraud, Unlit and Global Illumination (provided that it was calculated) render modes are guaranteed to be available.
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