The Info Menu shows basic information about the active project and your BIMx license:
Version: The version and build number of your BIMx application.
License Type: Type of your BIMx license (full, educational). It also displays whether you are using the global illumination version of BIMx.
Source Model: The name of the ARCHICAD file saved to BIMx.
Number of Triangles: The models in BIMx are made of 3D triangles. The speed of the 3D navigation and the memory usage by the BIMx application are strongly affected by the number of triangles in the 3D model. Please note that this value is approximately two or three times that of the polygon count displayed in PolyCount add-on in ARCHICAD, due to the different geometry calculation algorithms used.
RAM Usage: Displays the size of the RAM, in bytes, used by the project
Video RAM Usage: Displays the size of the Video RAM, in bytes, used by the project
Check for Updates: Click this command to see whether an updated version of GRAPHISOFT BIMx Desktop Viewer is available.
BIMx Online Help: Takes you to a Help file.
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